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Yuanbao Prosperity Wealth Sandalwood Incense (50 pieces per pack)

Yuanbao Prosperity Wealth Sandalwood Incense (50 pieces per pack)

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This calming bundle of natural relief is amazing. It is great for meditation, yoga, spa time, or even during a soothing bath. No matter how you use it, you’ll love the results! Ingredients: wood powder + Sticky Tree

The aroma is a wood-resinous fragrance of great richness and body, very persistent, evoking spiritual cleansing. This essence stimulates the right side of the brain, promotes creativity and intuition. Its aroma is linked to serenity, meditation and wisdom.

Native to Southeast Asia, has a rich history in a variety of ancient religions and spiritual practices.

  • Each incense Yuanbao is made from a natural wood powder substrate and essential oils
  • Creates a mood of tranquility and peace of mind
  • Remove negative energy
  • Soothes the nervous system and induces relaxation and meditation
  • Removes odor and gives the room a scent of nature

Package inclusion: 1 pack of 50 pieces of sandalwood incense

Size: Width 4.3cm x Height 1.5cm

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