Incense burning has been a part of the Asian culture for many years. It serves a lot of purposes - used during prayers or spiritual cleansing, relaxation and meditation, and simply even for aromatic therapy. 
incense burning
Infinite Incense was founded to provide high quality incense and decorative incense burners that are imported from our neighboring countries in Asia.
Our incense cone refills are made from Agarwood, a resinous part of the non-timber Aquilaria tree, which is a highly valuable product for medicine and fragrance purposes. Its distinctive scent has been highly valued for centuries as it promotes mental clarity, calms the ambiance, gives natural aphrodisiac and anti-aging effect, and many more health benefits.
sandalwood cone incense
The other main products are the ceramic incense burners that are beautifully crafted by hand. They are great as spa decoration, housewarming gift, tool for aromatherapy, or simply as collection.
Infinite Incense only sells safe and high-grade incense and incense burner materials that are approved by the people behind it. The customer service is only a message away at Infinite Incense on Facebook if you have any questions or concerns.