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Winged Dragon Keeper of Portals Smoke Backflow Incense Burner

Winged Dragon Keeper of Portals Smoke Backflow Incense Burner

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  • The dragon is the ultimate symbol of auspiciousness. Most of the time, the Feng Shui dragon has a pearl or a crystal which translates to wealth, power and many other positive opportunities while the portal is a doorway  for positive energy that brings abundance and ease. Portal is where good fortune qi, luck and other positive energy enters to your home. 
  • Dragon can be place anywhere except in bedroom or any place meant for rest and relaxation as it boosts activity.
  • Perfect housewarming gift or a spa decoration
  • Backflow incense might take 30-40 seconds to start
  • Scented incense burner creates an illusion of a smokey waterfall
  • Simply place an incense cone at the back of the dragon, and with the cone's special properties, the smoke starts to flow in reverse direction (should be placed in an area with no wind)


  1. Put the burner in a place with little to no wind.
  2. Lit the tip of the cone by a lighter or a matchstick.
  3. Blow the burn mildly until you see smoke coming out at the bottom.
  4. Place the cone at the burner.
  5. Wait for 15-20 seconds for the smoke to come out.

Package contents: 1 incense burner

 Item size:  Width 10.5cm x Height 15.5cm

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