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Feng Shui Lucky Water Rabbit

Feng Shui Lucky Water Rabbit

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Rabbit represents gentleness, cuteness, cunning, longevity, agility, wit, auspiciousness, vigilance, and also means kindness and positivity.

  • Rabbit holding lettuce green - green is a hue of the wood element and is characterized by creating and expanding. This color should be preferred while embarking upon a new beginning such as shifting into a new house or securing a new job.
  • Rabbit holding Yuan BaoThe gold rabbit holds up a Yuan Bao that represents “fortune”, bringing you wealth and luck.
  • Rabbit holding pineapple - Sound of the Chinese word for pineapple sound similar to “good luck is coming your way". This is why this fruit holds great significance in Feng Shui applications. Pineapples are believed to bring wealth, fortune and prosperity in our lives.
  • Rabbit holding a coins -Coins have a long history of bringing good luck. Coins are the obvious symbol of prosperity and wealth. It is told that coins with holes are especially auspicious. An old superstition from England tells us that if you always carry a coin with a hole in your purse or pocket, you will never be without money. 

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