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Little Buddha Meditating on a Hill Smoke Backflow Incense Burner

Little Buddha Meditating on a Hill Smoke Backflow Incense Burner

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In feng shui, placing a figurine or statue of a little Buddha meditating on a hill can hold various symbolic meanings and benefits:

1.) The image of Buddha meditating represents peace and tranquility, which can be enhanced by placing it on a hill. Hills symbolize stability, elevation, and a sense of being closer to the heavens. This arrangement can create a serene atmosphere in your space, promoting relaxation and calmness.

2.) Buddha is commonly linked with wisdom and enlightenment. Placing a Buddha figurine on a hill can symbolize the path towards spiritual elevation and enlightenment. It can serve as a reminder to seek wisdom and inner peace in your life.

3.) Placing the Buddha on a hill can symbolize receiving support and protection from higher powers or spiritual guides, which can help you feel more grounded and supported in your endeavors, both physically and spiritually.

4.) According to the principles of feng shui, hills are believed to possess powerful Earth energy that can stabilize and enhance the flow of Qi (energy) within a space. By placing a Buddha statue on top of a hill, this effect can be amplified, promoting positive energy flow and balance throughout your home or office.

5. "Scenic Beauty": Adding a small Buddha statue to your space can provide a natural and serene touch to it. It can be a decorative element that enhances the overall ambiance of the room, serving as a focal point.

When placing the figurine, consider placing it in a prominent location where you can see it frequently, such as a meditation corner, living room, or office space. Ensure that the placement feels harmonious and balanced with the rest of your decor and that it aligns with your intentions and goals for creating a peaceful and harmonious environment.

Color Meaning: 
  1. Green - Symbolizes balance and harmony
  2. Yellow - Symbolizes Prosperity and Land
  3. Blue - Symbolizes Majesty and Auspicious
  4. Red - a Symbol of Power


  • Backflow incense might take 30-40 seconds to start.
  • The scented incense burner creates the illusion of a smoky waterfall.
  • Simply place an incense cone at the top and light it. The smoke will flow downwards, creating a relaxing and calming atmosphere. (should be placed in an area with no wind)


  1. Put the burner in a place with little to no wind.
  2. Lit the tip of the cone with a lighter or a matchstick.
  3. Blow the burn mildly until you see smoke coming out at the bottom.
  4. Simply place an incense cone at the top.
  5. Please wait for 15 to 20 seconds until the smoke appears.

Package contents: 1 incense burner

Item size: Width 8cm x Height 12.5cm

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