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Feng Shui 5 Purpose Amulet Success and Wealth

Feng Shui 5 Purpose Amulet Success and Wealth

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This amulet contains 5 Success and Wealth Amulet Coins, each representing a specific aspect of one's life related to success and wealth. They are "Plum Blossom coin" for Growth and Prosperity, Shaped into the Plum Blossom Flower, this coin represents harmony and felicity. On one side of the coin, the Chinese words "CHANG MING SHOU FU GUI" are engraved on the 5 petals, signifying longevity with prosperity. On the opposite side there are auspicious symbols, including the BAT for happiness and good fortune, the DEER for longevity and high incomes, the PEACH for fitness, the MAGPIE for good news and the INGOT for good money luck.


The dimension of it is approx. 2" x 2" x 0.125"

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