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Buddha Hand Holding a Lotus Flower

Buddha Hand Holding a Lotus Flower

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  • The Lotus flower is a particularly important object in Feng Shui for emitting pleasant energy and refreshing family relationships. Also because the Earth element is represented by the Lotus, that is a symbol of Mother Earth’s benediction.
  • Every component of the lotus flower has medical powers in traditional Chinese herbal remedies. First from the lotus base or roots to the lotus flowers, rendering this plant as a far more effective treatment for a happy and peaceful household.
  • This flower is thought to counteract bad energy with good energy, purifying the soul and allowing insight to gain knowledge, per the Feng Shui specialists.


  1. It will purify the surroundings, giving loved ones a peaceful mind and allowing them to achieve their life goals.
  2. This lotus will assist with the modulation of Chi by stopping, accelerating, and eliminating stagnated chi.
  3. This Chi exercise will generate success, contentment, calmness, focus, and riches over time.
  4. The lotus flower significance has several levels of relevance in Feng Shui. Since this one-of-a-kind flower emerges from the muck, it symbolizes triumph over adversity.
  5. The lotus is connected with wealth preservation since its petals provide refuge and safety for fish (a sign of prosperity).
  • Perfect gift on any occasion.
  • Backflow incense might take 30-40 seconds to start
  • Scented incense burner creates an illusion of a Smokey waterfall
  • Simply place an incense cone at the top of the waterfall and with the cone's special properties, the smoke starts to flow in reverse direction (should be placed in an area with no wind)


  1. Put the burner in a place with little to no wind.
  2. Lit the tip of the cone by a lighter or a matchstick.
  3. Blow the burn mildly until you see smoke coming out at the bottom.
  4. Place the cone at the burner.
  5. Wait for 15-20 seconds for the smoke to come out.

Package contents: 1 incense burner 

Item size: Width 17cm x 21.2cm x 8cm

You can purchase the cone refills here: 

Scented Cone Incense Smoke Backflow Aromatherapy Refills

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