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Blessed Lucky Feng Shui Brass Coins (Per piece)

Blessed Lucky Feng Shui Brass Coins (Per piece)

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In feng shui, Chinese coins are powerful and meaningful amulets that can be used in your home to invite abundance, good fortune, and prosperity.

The color red is auspicious in feng shui and symbolizes vitality, protection, and life force energy. The color yellow is connected to the imperial court and also auspicious.

Ways to Use Chinese Coins for Feng Shui

  • Activate the Wealth Area - You can activate the wealth area of your home with Chinese coins. To find the wealth area of your home, stand in the front door looking in. The far left corner is the area of the home related to wealth. If you’re using the traditional compass methods, the wealth area would be the south-east direction.
  • Front Door - The front door of your home is super important in feng shui because it’s where the energy flows into your home. Placing a pair of Chinese coins threaded with red cord above or strategically near the front door can attract wealth and prosperity for the family.
  • Career Success - The area you work in, like your home office or desk, represents your career and prosperity. It makes a lot of sense to stimulate success in these endeavors by using Chinese coins and feng shui to draw in good energy and fortune. Try a set of ten (10) coins strung on red or yellow cord hung behind your chair or near the entry of your office. The ten (10) coins represent the ten emperors and invite in money from an honorable and legitimate source.
  • For your wallet - Your wallet is where you hold your currency, credit cards, and identification and is related to your wealth. Try placing some Chinese coins in your wallet to attract abundance. While you’re at it, be sure your wallet is in good condition (or better yet, splurge on a new one!). Keep your currency and cards in order and well organized.
  • Carrying Chinese Coins - Chinese coins can be carried as powerful amulets for attracting wealth as well as protection. A set of nine (9) coins (in total) is especially lucky. The coins are also amplified when hung on a gold chain or red cord.

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