Ghost Month: What It Is and How to Block It

Ghost Month: What It Is and How to Block It

During the month of Hungry Ghost, it is believed that the yin energy becomes more powerful than the yang energy. Consequently, yin forces become dominant during this period. When a house is dominated by yin energy, it tends to attract wandering spirits and ghosts who find such places favorable. A house with too much yin energy tends to become dark and gloomy, overshadowing any sunlight that enters. Houses built over previous gravesites or near cemeteries are also preferred places for ghosts to gather.

During the ghost month, it is believed that the souls of the deceased roam around and might cause harm or misfortune to the living. However, this month can be a good opportunity for the brave, as people tend to be cautious in their business dealings, which can lead to lower prices for certain products and services.

Here are some dos and don'ts during ghost month, which starts on August 19 and ends on September 16:

Have you ever heard the saying "misery loves company"? It turns out that evil spirits with dark intentions also tend to gravitate towards negative environments. To keep negativity at bay, it's important to ensure that your living space is always well-lit and bright. Make a habit of keeping your door hinges properly oiled, your living spaces clean, and your closed spaces well-lit. This will help you maintain a positive environment that is free from negative energy.

Many superstitious people believe that traveling during Ghost Month, whether by air or sea, can bring bad luck. It is also believed that starting new endeavors such as getting married, moving to a new house, or opening a new business during this period can invite wandering spirits to join you, thereby causing misfortune. As such, it is widely believed that anything started during this period is bound to be plagued by bad luck and misfortune.

During the ghost month, it is believed that offering incense and food to the spirits can ward off bad luck. This practice is done to prevent the ghosts from visiting homes. In addition to incense and food, spirit paper money is also burnt as an offering.

Feng shui experts recommend offering incense to appease spirits and hungry ghosts. You can use the incense sticks and pellets you have accumulated over the years, light them up, and leave them burning safely outside your new house's front door every day. You can also walk around your home with your incense burner to let the sweet smoke from the incense cleanse your living spaces from negative energy.

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