Five Physical Benefits of Meditation!

Meditation. A term we always attribute to mental health and benefits that can manifest in our minds. But some scholars are already proving that this quiet time can also bring about physical changes and improvements visible to the naked eye.

As a form of mental training, meditation improves core physical and psychological assets, including energy, motivation, and strength. Studies on the neurophysiological concomitants of meditation have proved that commitment to daily practice can bring promising changes for the mind and the body.

External factors can only be pleasurable as long as we are happy from the inside. According to Buddha, meditation trains the mind to “not dwell in the past or contemplate about the future.” It lets the mind settle in the ‘now’ and allows us to see the beauty of the present.

Today we are looking at five physical effects of meditation to our bodies and how a little peaceful alone and quiet time can improve your actions.

But first, let's talk about setting the place you are in to be a fitting place to meditate for a little while. If you have a room where people from inside the house cannot bother you, whether a bedroom or a home office, go there. If not, make sure to do it in a time when kids are preoccupied or asleep.


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Meditation improves physical health by boosting the immune functions, regulating hormonal discharge, and decreasing cellular inflammation.

Some researchers found that long-term meditators had more disease-fighting chemicals in their body than non-meditators or beginners did.

Gene studies showed that women who meditated were more fertile and delivered healthier babies than women who did not.

By regulating the Sympathetic and Autonomic Nervous systems, meditation controls our responses during sudden stress encounters and prevents us from nervous breakdown and panic attacks.


Meditation stabilizes blood circulation in the body and regulates blood pressure, heartbeat, metabolism, and other essential biological functioning.

By bringing a positive shift in lifestyle, meditation improves sleep quality, fosters weight loss, and reduces fatigue.

These are only five of the many physical improvements you can get if you start meditating. Remember, a room where you can be alone and an Infinite Incense will make everything twice more fun and relaxing!