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Talisman Paper Door Sticker

Talisman Paper Door Sticker

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🧧 TALISMAN PAPER FOR MONEY ATTRACTION: Increase business opportunities - money - luck. Attract money everywhere, increase fortune in all areas.

🧧 TALISMAN PAPER FOR BUSINESS: Exclusively for those who are in business, the spirit will open the Palace of Fortune and have a good fortune in business.

🧧 TALISMAN PAPER FOR PREVENTING BAD LUCK: Simplify preventing the incoming bad luck to the Talisman's owner.

🧧 TALISMAN PAPER FOR PROSPEROUS CAREER: This will open a great luck in your career and  this will help to increase salary & Promotion. 

🧧 TALISMAN PAPER OF HEALTH: This talisman can enhance good energies to your environment so the talisman's owner can feel healthy and positive.

🧧 TALISMAN FOR PROTECTION: Protecting the owner's peace, dispelling all suffering. Helps increase happiness, develop meditation to drive away evil spirits, prevent bad people from harming the talisman's owner and eliminate evil spirits and also this helps to preserve wealth and limit the loss of money.

🧧 GOD OF WEALTH: God of Wealth is the god who looks after money, gold, and silver, bringing good luck to business and business. With the desire that business will be more and more prosperous, trade is expensive, money is like water, blessings knock on the door, so many families and businesses have placed the God of Wealth in their homes, shops, or offices.

🧧 TALISMAN FOR RELATIONSHIP: This talisman can strengthen the marriages, restore harmony to a couple and bring a passionate atmosphere between partners also this can instensify your seduction power and make you the irrevocable love of his life.

🧧 SAFETY TRAVEL: Those in possession of this talisman will be protected and guided during any journey, physical or spiritual. The bearer will be assured safe Passage on Land, Sea, and Air no matter how one chooses to travel.

🧧 LOVE ATTRACTION: This talisman has the power to guide the one that is destined for you at your door also, they attract true love and the person meant to be in the life of the one who is looking for her half.

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